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Magnesium Deficiency and Depression

Depression Treatment with Magnesium

Depression is often attributed to mood disorders, hormonal imbalances and inadequate nutrition and stress situations.

Often depression stems from excessive thinking and encouragement of negative thought patterns in the human brain.

When human brain is incapable of handling emotions that are fed by pessimism and sadness, depression is a definite result.

Depression is experienced by everyone at one or the other point of time, but the severity of depression varies from person to person.

There have been innumerable cases where only mild medication, counseling and taking time off has helped in recovery.

But, there are other cases, where prolonged depression has led people to commit suicide or experience an unhappy state of existence.

With advancement in research and technology, it has been found that Depression treatment with Magnesium can be very effective.

Magnesium and Depression Connect

A normal human being must necessarily contain at least twenty five grams of Magnesium.

About half of twenty five grams must be found in the bones. According to experts, Magnesium is vital for at least three hundred chemical reactions to take place in the body.

While its deficiency not only causes problems such as Lyme disease, Kidney stones, Chest pains, Pre-menstrual sickness, Asthma etc. but also neuropathologies such as attention deficit hypersensitive disorder, anxiety and even depression.

Researchers have observed that deficiency of Magnesium in human body can cause lowering of neuronal nitric oxide production which is mostly regulated by Calcium ions.

These Calcium ions flow in the neuronal channels and this flow is facilitated by Magnesium.

So, deficiency of Magnesium can cause the calcium ions to not trigger the entire process which leads to neuronal damages that cause depression.

Depression Treatment with Magnesium

Many psychiatrists have found that on giving an increased dosage of Magnesium to patients who suffer from depression, the rate of recovery is much higher.

Since lack of Magnesium in the diet plus overdose of Calcium can cause neurological aggression or disturbances in people, doctors conclude that many related problems such as sleeplessness, hallucination, delirium etc. are also likely to occur in patients experiencing depression.

· A dosage of about 125 grams to 300 grams of Magnesium consumed at every meal time and before going to bed helped recover patients from depths of depression within a time period of seven days.

However, magnesium has to be consumed very carefully.

· It is very important to check that any artificial source of Magnesium such as supplements is devoid of Calcium.

Calcium reacts with Magnesium and results in lowering of Magnesium levels in the human body thus aggravating depression.

· It is not necessary that all Magnesium supplements help reduce depression.

Some Magnesium compounds such as Magnesium glutamate and aspartate when consumed increase the effects of depression causing further worsening of the condition.

So, one has to be very attentive to the fact that he/ she is consuming supplements containing Magnesium glycinate or Magnesium tarinate or Magnesium citrate.

In spite of improvements that have been recorded, depression treatment with Magnesium needs to be the subject of further research.

The side effect of excessive Magnesium intake is disturbed digestive system. So, consulting a trained medical professional before taking to Magnesium supplements is a great idea.

Anti-depression medications should be adopted only when counseling and other such methods fail to help the patient recover from depression.

Depression can be a very tough situation to handle.

But, with the right mental strength and support from the most trusted friends and immediate family, it can be battled with successfully.


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