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Magnesium Deficiency and Detoxification

Magnesium Deficiency And Detoxification

Magnesium is a very important mineral in our body as it provides the much energy that is needed for cell detoxification.

Magnesium deficiency and detoxification operates completely in vice versa of each other, in the sense that when there is lack of magnesium in our body there is no detoxification of cells and therefore more toxic accumulates.

The existence of a working detoxification system is very crucial to our well being.

This is because lack of magnesium brings about other mineral concentrations like calcium or lead and in turn brings about the toxic effects.

The situation is also made worse by the current environmental pollutions especially in our industries.

Magnesium deficiency and detoxification are inseparable.

The primary role of magnesium in our body is to produce energy ( ATP).

The energy is used by the cells to remove other toxins which are accumulating or after they accumulated.

Therefore lack of enough magnesium in our body means that our cell detox system has no energy to work.

Enough magnesium give the cells abundant energy to get rid of excess calcium and therefore the ratio between the two is balanced.

If calcium ratio becomes higher than magnesium it blocks its intake and slows or permanently halts the normal functioning of the cells.

This means that cells are unable to transport nutrients and they can also die due to toxic accumulations.

Magnesium deficiency means that detoxification of other nickels like lead, nickel, mercury is not done.

Maintaining enough level of magnesium means that the above metals which are very toxic are removed from the body cells.

Lead toxic accumulation affects the heart. This can be extremely dangerous if the lead uptake is not kept in check.

However enough magnesium will block their intake into body cells and eliminates it through urine.

Mercury on the other hand its responsible for large loss of magnesium through kidney.

This is mainly because the amount of magnesium required to wipe out mercury is too large.

This may lead to an excessive decline of magnesium levels and can damage the cells.

Magnesium deficiency and detoxification results to incapability of cells to pump out toxins and intake of calcium into the body cells.

This can result to metal poisoning, nervous system malfunctions, decreased energy levels and eventually cell death.

Therefore maintain sufficient level of magnesium helps the body cells to get rid of toxins, excessive calcium, balance of minerals and pH and provide ATP energy to cells.

Magnesium also plays a major role in the whole body antioxidant system.

The system facilitates the body to fight the effects of damaging body organs substance like cigarette, alcohol, chemotherapy, radiation ray exposure and other toxins we are exposed to.

Magnesium deficiency also affects on the body aging system. Deficiency of magnesium results too fast aging this is due to drop energy levels and homeostasis.

The importance of magnesium cannot however be limited to detoxification of the cells only but also the well being of life through body antioxidant system.

Therefore magnesium is one of the most vital body minerals that we should never lack.

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