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Magnesium Deficiency and Fatigue


  Magnesium Deficiency and Fatigue

Magnesium is an essential a mineral for our body in order to maintain electrical stability.

An average body of a person should contain about 25 grams of magnesium.

Magnesium is generally derived from our diet intake but the dietary intake of magnesium is particularly low among women.

Therefore supplements are often required to avoid deficiency of magnesium. Food that are rich in fiber contain higher magnesium like nuts, whole-grains, vegetables, dairy products, meat, etc.

Even hard water contains magnesium.

Many people suffer out of magnesium deficiency without even knowing it as they are often misdiagnosed since only one percent of magnesium in a body is stored in the blood, it does not show in blood results.

Old-aged are more prone to magnesium deficiency.

There are three stages of magnesium deficiency symptoms according to health experts.

They are :
(i) the early symptoms which may be fatigue, irritability, muscle cramps and anxiety including OCD.

(ii) the moderate symptoms which may be include the early symptoms and irregular heartbeat and also other changes in the cardio-vascular system.

(iii) Severe symptoms which may include the early symptoms as well as the moderate symptoms with symptom of body tingling and numbness.

It may also muscle contractions complemented with hallucinations,delirium and dementia finally.

Doctors believe that deficiency of magnesium disrupts the adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) synthesis which is a form of an energy that powers every action of the body cells like the making of protein, heartbeat, brain cells firing, muscle contractions etc.

Magnesium deficiency and fatigue are proven to be linked by health by experts.

Since magnesium deficiency causes fatigue, the best treatment for such sickness would be by magnesium itself.

Magnesium oil treatment proves to be an effective treatment for fatigue and other disorders caused my magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium supplementation is necessary especially with the increasingly toxic environment.

Magnesium oil is simply a natural substance to be applied on the skin or use it while in a bath.

It is truly an effective way to transmit magnesium in the body.

It is enriched with medical benefits. You can just relax and apply this oil to relieve your weakness and fatigue and at the same time rejuvenate yourself.

Magnesium oil treatment does not only relaxes you nor relieves your weakness and fatigue but regular use helps in long term and reduction and occurrence of chronic pains, low blood pressure, diabetes, migraine,insomnia etc. It also builds up your immunity system.

Fatigue is one of the most common disorder that many people have.

Long term fatigue is can lead to other disorders. Therefore, it is important that one must consider treatment for it.

Magnesium oil is the best and effective treatment for fatigue and makes you sleep well.

One need have to go through countless medical check-ups for fatigue when one can just apply this oil on the skin at home or simply pour it while taking a bath.

It is a convenient treatment and one does not have to worry about side-effects.

It is crucial that one must give priority to one's health. It is always good to be on the safe side.

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