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Magnesium Deficiency and Gynecological Problems

  Magnesium Deficiency and Gynecological Problems

In more cases than not, most laboratories and doctors don’t do magnesium test of the patient’s blood.

Whenever a sick patient reports sickness to them, despite a medical study done which concluded that majority of modern illnesses are as a result of lacking enough magnesium in the body.

If fact the study revealed that most Americans are quite deficient of magnesium in their bodies.

One Dr. Norman Shealy stated that just about every known disease can be linked to magnesium deficiency.

He further states that magnesium is the most important mineral required by the human body for electrical stability of the human body cells.

He suggests that magnesium deficiency in the human body leads to more diseases than any other mineral deficiency in the human body.

Thus many patients suffer of various ailments unnecessarily or bear the burden of expensive medical care when it rightful cure which is magnesium supplement are quite affordable.

It therefore follows that it is quite important to diagnose magnesium hunger/thirst in order to be able to have a healthy, inexpensive and correct approach towards treating the situation.

Signs of magnesium thirst include:

· Panic attacks coupled by anxiety.

· Blood clots.

· Asthma.

· Constipation.

· Depression.

· Cystitis.

· Diabetes.

· Fatigue.

· Hypertension.

· Insomnia.

· Musculoskeletal Conditions.

The above mentions are just some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body.

Another important point to note is that when the body is deficient of magnesium it leads to various gynecological problems.

When the patient is given magnesium supplements, the patient’s body will react positively thus removing the associated gynecological problems.

Thus magnesium help prevent gynecological problems such as PMS, infertility, cramps, premature contractions, eclampsia and preeclampsia during pregnancy.

It reduces hypertension when mothers are delivering.

Thus magnesium supplement should be a vital treatment whenever a woman visits her gynecologist for check up. It goes a long way in treating various complications which can develop.

This leads to the question of how to get more magnesium into your diet before you embark on using supplement to increase the level of magnesium in your body.

The following are various suggestions on how to increase magnesium in your body through diet:

· You should eat plenty of magnesium rich foods such as nuts, beans and vegetables.

Vegetables are rich in magnesium and have low calories, thus taking more vegetables will serve the purpose while you maintain your weight.

· You should also take in a little fat along with your food.

Although excessive intake of fat can be harmful to your body, the correct amount boosts your body’s ability to take in nutrient such as magnesium among others.

· You should not over indulge in empty calories foods such as cookies, sodas, chips and refined grains since they have a lot of calories with very little nutrients.

· Neither should you take in too much calcium since it works against magnesium in the body.

This means you should not drink too much milk or take in any other food which is quite rich with calcium and low in magnesium.

Studies indicate that older women who took calcium supplements had more risks of getting heart attacks.

Finally you may opt to take magnesium supplement pills alongside your diet. This is especially so when you have been diagnosed to have serious magnesium deficiency.

In this case you should take magnesium supplements, but it is generally prudent that you take it in through your diet since it is the healthiest way of getting magnesium into your body.

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