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Magnesium Deficiency and Kidney Disease

Magnesium Deficiency and Kidney Disease

Many questions have been asked on the connection of magnesium deficiency and Kidney Disease.

While some health specialists argue that persons with high magnesium deficits in their body systems have a high risk of acquiring the chronic Kidney Disease, some argue that the chances are hyped and that individuals with low magnesium deficits have equal chances of acquiring this disorder like any other person.

Persons with high magnesium deficits tend to have muscle cramps and chronic pains that might last up to five hours if not treated as soon as possible.

This is known to result from lethargic kidney functioning when filtering the liquid excretions from the body. An adult’s urine should contain some traces of magnesium deposits.

People with little or no magnesium trace in their urine have high possibilities that they are suffering from a possible Kidney Disease.

The resulting symptoms may include facial tic and body muscle spasms that are very painful.

These conditions can lead to the ultimate whole body convulsion resulting to the lethal stroke disease.

Perhaps the most daring of the symptoms that can be traced to magnesium deficiency and kidney disease is the severe headaches that one experience when admitted with this condition.

Fretfulness, hyperactivity and uncontrolled anxiety can all be traced and pinned down as some of the most daunting symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

This has resulted to the introduction of awareness programs that are aimed at alerting the ordinary people on the advantages of taking foods and drinks that are rich in magnesium minerals.

These programs are available in major hospitals, public schools and health related institutions in major countries of the world.

Low magnesium diets like soft water and most processed foods and sodas are also known to cause sleeping problems when taken on a regular basis for a long time.

You are advised to take natural foods like magnesium-enriched fruits and vegetables in order to combat conditions that do not allow you to put your head down.

There are also over the counter medical prescriptions that are enriched in magnesium deposits and can work wonders if taken as per the prescription of a medical practitioner.

These include pills and tablets that are specially designed by qualified medics to combat magnesium deficiency and kidney disease problems.

Perhaps it would be important to point out that these pills and tablets are available for sale in major pharmacies and online treatment sites at relatively low prices.

It is also important to note that the kidneys excrete magnesium and people with heart attack and kidney disease should not take products with high magnesium levels unless if the recommended by a qualified medical doctor.

This is because of the increasing number of reported cases that involve the worsening conditions of people who took lots of magnesium while they are diagnosed with heart attack and kidney disease.

The benefits of taking foods that are rich in magnesium outscore the negative conditions that result from having too much magnesium deposits into your body system.

It is encouraged that one should look at the high medical risks involved in having low magnesium deposits in their body systems and decide on how to increase these levels for healthy living.

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