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Magnesium Deficiency and Nerve Problems

The Magnesium Deficiency and Nerve Problems

Magnesium deficiency has become a major concern particularly in the industrialized nations where it tops the list of the nutritional problems.

This phenomenon is believed to result from the depletion of this important mineral from the soils after having been repeatedly used for agriculture.

Many laboratory tests for instance confirm that most of the food eaten today such as milk, eggs, fruits or even meat has lower magnesium content that before.

Given that magnesium deficiency and nerve problems has been proven to go hand in hand, there is a call for mineral cure in the soils used for agriculture.

The relationship between magnesium deficiency and nerve problems is properly demonstrated with the peripheral nerve disturbances that are known to respond to magnesium cure.

Such nerve associated conditions including migraines, muscle contractions, foot and toe cramps, and gastrointestinal spasms occurs when there is deficiency of magnesium in the body.

How is Magnesium Deficiency and Nerve Problems Related?

The first and most common symptom of magnesium deficiency is the irritability and nervousness.

This results from improper transmission of nerve and muscle impulses which is directly associated with inadequacy of magnesium ions in the nerve cells.

This mineral is supposed to speed up nerve transmissions leading to faster response to stimuli when in proper balance.

Magnesium is in fact considered to be the primary content of the nerve cells with major roles in power manufacturing and normal working the nerve and muscle tissues.

Given the role of nerve cells in the nervous system and the body functioning in general, the deficiency of magnesium is not a simple matter.

Nerve Pain

There are several nervous related conditions that are directly relieved by using magnesium supplements as magnesium plays a major role in electrical signaling within the nerve cells.

For this reason therefore, it is known to have an impact on the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

When it comes to neurotic cramping and temper, magnesium ions help sooth nerve endings and minimize nerve contractions with the results of calmed temper and elimination of neurotic cramping.

Low level of magnesium is known to be the major cause of overstimulation of the nerve cells. This make the cells fire in presence of little or even no stimuli which in turn results to central sensitization.

This is the leading cause of the chronic pain that is common with the fibromyalgia patients.

Muscle Pains

One of the major causes of muscle pain is tension. Given that magnesium plays the most important role in the relaxation of muscles, it provides a solution to such muscle pains.

It does this by regulating movement of calcium in and out of muscle cells when necessary.

When there is a need for muscle relaxation for instance, magnesium pulls out calcium from muscle cells and pull them in when needed to contract.

This coordination of working between calcium and magnesium is repeated in creation and launching of hormones, nerve conduction and general body functioning.

With so many proven evidences linking magnesium deficiency and nerve problems, it is apparent that this essential mineral cannot be ignored any more.

Given that the amount of food intake that our stomach can accommodate is limited, there is a need to find other alternatives like the use of magnesium supplements when finding a permanent solution to our soils.

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