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Interactions with others on ORMUS and EM Probiotics.

A little about me as far as Organic Gardening is am using Ormus Minerals and EM Probiotics for major increases of plant growth and highly nutritious results. Working on developing a hydroponics product also for our local business. My main goal is for human consumption but just go out and do some research on Ormus minerals and plants on Google and Search out for em Dr. Higa to see some of the results with agriculture also. Then you will see why I am excited about these and sharing with others. We are in Idaho, USA and lots of agriculture here also.

Would love to share more about Ormus Minerals. They have been a major blessing to myself and our familys health. is some questions and answers that may help. Feel free to ask more so we can answer them for you. Health Blessings to you.

Keep up the good work on your journey on healthy eating and the benefits that you enjoy. The fun part of the journey is others who you can enjoy it with. I enjoy the energy of life and Ormus Minerals is fantastic find for me as it helps my energy and my health.

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