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Ormus and Nano Bacteria

Ormus breaks up Nano Bacteria in the body.
The Calcium Bomb. Mr. Mulhall is a leading expert in the investigation of nano-bacteria, which he purports, causes the build up of calcification in the human body. His research, and the diligent research of others, have identified these little nano-critters as the culprits in the calcification deposits in many parts of the body causing the following aging related diseases:

    * Aging skin
    * Alzheimer's
    * Angina
    * Arthritis
    * Bone spurs
    * Breast implant calcification
    * Bursitis
    * Cancer (bone, brain, breast, colon, prostate, and ovarian)
    * Cataracts
    * Diabetes (type 2 in adults)
    * Gallstones
    * Glaucoma
    * Heart disease
    * Kidney stones
    * Liver cysts
    * Macular degeneration
    * Multiple sclerosis
    * Prostatitis
    * Psoriasis
    * Salivary gland stones
    * Scleroderma
    * Stroke
    * Tendonitis

It appears these infinitesimal nano-critters leach calcium and phosphorus, (or create, transmute it themselves) and form calcium phosphate as a protective covering for themselves. Once covered in the calcium phosphate jacket, the nano-bacteria live indefinitely impervious to antibiotics and regular immuno-functions.  

They cluster together in deposits all around the body, especially the high energy areas: muscles, arteries, kidneys, liver, skin, eyes, brain, etc. Over time as these deposits accumulate and grow, the human body ages as it grows wearier and wearier, unable to clear these calcified nano-critters with normal immune functions. So the body develops maladies, muscles begin to ache, gums get inflamed, kidneys get stones, arteries harden, the liver gets sclerosified, the tendons and joints become hardened, and the body ages and declines.

While I listened to the interview with Douglas Mulhall, and did some additional research on this newly discovered nano-bacteria functionality in the human body ... it dawned on me how and why Ormus works in the human body... why Ormus appears to eliminate pain in muscles, bones, joints and generally has anti-aging, rejuvenation characteristics.  

This understanding I deduced from my experience with my own teeth. I believe the ingested Ormus dissolves the plaque ... that tell-tale calcium phosphate deposited round the body by these insidious little nano-critters ... just like it does with my teeth. In my own case, I have been able to quit the 4 medications prescribed for my previous high blood pressure because I believe much of the calcification in my arteries has been dissolved and these little nano-critters flushed out, hence no longer a need for the meds. My joints and muscles no longer have any pain, and my organ functions have all improved as a result of continuing and increased Ormus use.

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